Laura Pringle

LAURA N. PRINGLE received her Juris Doctorate with Distinction from the University of Iowa College of Law in 1976, completing her degree work at Emory University Law School.  Her practice is concentrated primarily in the areas of Financial Institutions Regulatory Law, Banking, Commercial, and Corporate Law.  Ms. Pringle is a principal of Pringle Publications Corporation, developer of PRINGLE® Products for financial institutions, and was the primary author of PRINGLE® Compliance Policies & Audit Procedures and PRINGLE® Safety and Soundness Policies & Audit Procedures as well as other products for financial institutions, affiliates, and other related parties.  She also has significant experience in representing nonprofits including trade associations and educational and charitable nonprofits.

Ms. Pringle worked as an attorney for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency in the Atlanta, George District Office and the Legal Department in the Comptroller’s Washington, D.C. office.  Ms. Pringle served as the General Counsel for the Oklahoma Bankers Association from 1980-1989.

Ms. Pringle has served as Co-Chairman of the Enforcement and Director’s Liability Committee of the Banking Committee of the American Bar Association.

Ms. Pringle has taught as an Adjunct Professor of Banking and Financial Institutions Law at the University of Oklahoma College of Law and as an Adjunct Professor of Banking Law at the Oklahoma City University School of Law.  She also teaches bankers and lawyers at Banking Law Seminars and has written extensively for Banking and Legal Publications, including the Oklahoma Bar Journal, the Oklahoma Law Review, the Oklahoma City University Law Review, and the Consumer Finance Law Quarterly.  Ms. Pringle chaired the Banking and Commercial Law Section of the Oklahoma Bar Association in 1981-1982.  She has worked in-house and in private practice handling legal matters and preparing documents for Banks and other Financial Institutions, Bank Holding Companies and their subsidiaries, and affiliates relating the Regulatory, Litigation, and General Banking Law matters.  Ms. Pringle is a member of the Oklahoma and Texas Bars and has been admitted to practice before the State Courts of Oklahoma and Texas, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court.